Why is it that it always rains when we go to Fort Lauderdale????
This time it poured!!!! Flooding everywhere with the rain coming down so fast it had nowhere to go…
Fort lauderdale is a town that I enjoy, I feel comfortable here. It’s not too big, not too small, and yet still plenty to see and do.

The beaches are lovely. I really enjoy watching the cruise ships come and go, there’s always a few in port. And this time we took the water taxi. We travelled around the canals and waterways, and had a look at some of the houses of the rich and sometimes famous. Including Jay Leno, Ron Howard and more, and also Johnny Depp’s yacht. Sometimes life can be a little unfair, apparently the ex owner of circuit city, which went bankrupt and put loads of people out of work still owns his house which is just lovely….

We had a lovely dinner at Vito’s a tiny Italian place just near our hotel, which was the renaissance fort lauderdale.

Then it’s time to get sailing….

Until next time
Stay safe









well didn’t that year fly by. I had all these good intentions of blogging every week… and here we are two weeks into the next year and already I’m behind.  Might have to put it into my diary to update every week. Done! Now it’s in there it might happen… haha

I had my first wedding since I got sick, and what do you know it was for two lovely people that worked at the hospital that I was in…haha life is funny.

I’ll put up some pictures from their special day.

Remember if anyone wants photos done, let me know.


Here comes 2012!

Well it’s a new year, a new day, a new dawn.  (I’ve heard that somewhere before, wait it’s the lyrics to a song, a Michael Buble song, well he’s done a version of it, but I like it.

2011 was filled with tragedy on a global scale, but at Serendipity Dreams we were come of some lovely Weddings, Maternity and family shoots. I’ll be adding some photos up here during the year, some old some new, but you can always check out our website or facebook pages for more pictures.

I hope you enjoy 2012 and it brings you everything you’re wishing for!



Just a quick link to say how excited I still am nearly two years later to be a published photographer, despite the fact that the pay is shall we say nothing to write home about (well nothing at all…haha) I still love seeing my picture in print.

Again the photos are on my Serendipity Dreams facebook page, or my website www.serendipitydreams.com.au but I’ve added a few of my favs here for you.



28 August 2011

Aspley Hornets who have played at Senior level for 3 years made their first ever final today.  All the rain during the week had me worrying about sitting in the rain and what kind of shots could you get, but the rain cleared up and the sun was shining.

Alison, Kristy and Denise made a fantastic banner, something which I’m sure all the boys appreciated as I doubt they would have had one before. Felicity and I made some signs to show the boys we were proud of them.

The game started well, and despite the ground being sodden in some patches, and some fighting during the match and at half time the Hornets were in front at three quarter time, but Morningside Panthers came out to play and ran over the Hornets in the last quarter.


There are more pictures on the Serendipity Dreams website and facebook page if you’d like to see more.

Catching up

I’m new to this blogging, and a bit slack (but hopefully I’ll get better) so what I’m goign to do is start at the now and go backwards.  Bear with me, then once I’ve caught up I’ll post on a regular basis…. fingers crossed!  haha

Hope you enjoy!


Hello world!

My first offical Blog, welcome Serendipity Dreams to a new world.  Over time I’ll blog each shoot and maybe some other random things for you to look at, if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, let me know.